FMO6A || P10.02 || Reading aloud | Holmwood’s

Part 1 | Speaking skills
— Readings (pieces of) text aloud. All with the exams in mind…

Part 2 | Holmwood’s
— Check your school mail for the username and password. Send me an email if you can’t login. You might have to check your ‘ongewenste email’ folder though.
— Make the Holmwood’s “Begin toets” (instaptoets) and stark working on your English skills after that.

FMO6A || P9.09 || Skills prep

In class we’ll practise your different skills in order to repare you for your resits and exams. Make sure you bring your laptop.

You’ll find reading, listening and writing exams at TOA and reading exams at Facet. Good luck!

TOA ( Instructions
1e. studentnr.
2e. R+eigen geboortedatum (RDDMMJJJJ)
–> voorbeeld: 3 februari 2001 wordt R03022001

Smartboard ready

Or… go to

FMO6A || P9.07 || CNN10 | Startups

You want to start a business, but you are still in the brainstorm stage. Together with your partner you look at the start up examples given on this site. You pick two, one that you like and might start yourself and one that you think is a bad idea. Discuss that with a fellow student as your partner and report your conclusions.