OMO8A || P3.04 || Writing skills

Writing skills | Individual
-♠- Practise your writing skills
-♠- Hand in your vocabulary list

Writing skills (TOA) Notes

  • Dear Sir, Madam, / Dear John, / Dear Sirs, / etc. More info;
  • Use linking words;
  • Use different grammar forms;
  • Make sure you mention all the items stated in the guidelines;
  • Don’t forget to use capital letters!!! I Monday March Africa Amsterdam Aïsha Bryan;
  • Don’t forget to write in paragraphs;
  • Don’t forget to close your article/letter/etc. with something like “I hope to hear from you soon.”;
  • End with “Best regards,” / “Kind regards,” / “Yours faithfully,” / etc.

OMO8A || P2.09 || Holmwood’s (+90%)|

Part x || Holmwood’s | 45 minutes | Individual
-♠- Login to Holmwood’s (info in Email)
-♠- Work on Unit 1
-♠- Bring your headphones (to connect to your laptop) for the audio exercises
-♠- Don’t forget the speaking exercises 😉
-♠- You have to do 10% per week, so you can finish the unit before the next test/exam-week. Work on Holmwood’s at home if necessary.

Part 2 || Assignment

Make sure you hand in your product (other groups assignment) today!